Fan Art
Welcome to the fan art page!

The order of this is from oldest to newest! If you want to contribute your art to this page, please let me know and I will add it here!

Here is a small sketch by killersteak!
Thank you for drawing Billy in this style! He looks very swagger here! :D

Here's a really awesome realistic version Billy! Zarzaliel did an amazing job drawing my boi!
Billy looks like he came straight out of a mad magazine and I'm all for it! Thank you so much! ^^

This cool comic was created as apart of the summer exchange 2022. You can check out the page properly here! 
Thank you Maelstrom51210 for making this!

I hope Billy doesn't get food posioning from those raw burgers! Lol

Here is some amazing art of Max by the super talented Spelledeg!

He looks so cool! Thank you so much! 

This awesome art of Tom and PLANT BOI by the epic jmluvsbob!
Thank you so much dude! 

Another awesome gif of Sonia by the awesome BMR!
Thank you again! ^^

Here is a goofy yet very cute drawing of Billy by the freaking awesome nilloc04!

Thank you so much for drawing him! ^^

Here is a really funny fan art by shibazoid!

He just wants to show people HIS GOD DAMN ANT FARM! Lol!
Thanks Shiba!

This awesome gif of Billy was created by the super cool BMR!

Thank you so much for creating this cute little gif! ^^

This one was apart of an art trade I did with the awesome Jaycee Storm!
Thank you so much for drawing Billy! He looks so cute!

This one here was drawn by the awesome Aneeway!
I love this so much! Thank you so much! <3

This one was drawn by Skybuilder!
For a simple sketch, it's quite nice! Love the face! Thank you so much for drawing Mike! 

This one here was drawn by Casscade!
I really love how you drew him here! Tom's hair looks so fluffy!
thank you so much! 

Here's another awesome artwork by jmluvsbob!
Thank you so SO much for drawing Billy!
He looks so happy! <3

This one was drawn by jmluvsbob!
Thanks for drawing Mike! He looks so smug! ^^

This one is drawn by argylefox!
Thank you for my first fan art! Billy looks great here! :D